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Description: A couple days after we met Renae and she “auditioned” for us we got a call from her roommate Ice. Renae told her all about our encounter and what we could do for her so Ice wanted to try out also. She sounded hot on the phone so we decided to go over again and see if we could get Ice to dance for us as well. When we got to the door and saw her we were not disappointed at all. Strippers hang out with strippers so they should all be hot! We proved that today. We waited outside until she was ready for us and then we entered the private stage area again and Ice came out ready to go. This Hot Puerto Rican chica did a little dance for us and showed off her apple bottom! Fat and curvy asses are my kryptonite! Then Mikey went on stage and got the VIP treatment. Which includes a lap dance, face in pussy, slow hard blowjob (with extra spit), being engulfed in the Latina ass avalanche, and busting on a sexy ass girlies face. Cash value = a shit load of money and time. My favorite part besides the whole thing was how she loved to taste the cock after riding it. There’s nothing hotter then a girl that loves how she tastes!