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Glorious latin Andrea Abrego sitting down on a royal throne with passion

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Description: We were touring the town when we saw a little chick sitting alone by the bridge. She looked down on her luck and maybe a little lonely so we went and get her some smokes. She was actually really cool and pretty cute but she wasn't wearing most flattering clothes. So we took her back to our place and stripped her down in the court yard. She was really cute and had a fucking tight body. We got the hose out and cleaned her up. She was looking really hot when we got her in the skirt and stockings. Her nipples were poking through! Johnny went over and started to play with her pussy. You could tell she was really enjoying it. She started licking and sucking cock so we knew it was on. Her pussy was so fucking tight and wet. She was a crazy little chick that loved getting fucked. We really hit the hobo jackpot on this one haha!