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Duration: 6:00 Views: 5 523 Submitted: 3 years ago
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Description: This week's installment involved Briana Belle and her man. From the video submission it seemed it was one of her guys. She was chilling with him while she was texting with another guy she was interested in. She was in her bra and panties which would get most guys excited. She was curvy and looked delicious. Her man couldn't sit around and take her hotness. He teased her and played around with her nice big tits. He felt how wet her pussy was and knew it was time to get in on. He stuck his dick in her face, and she didn't hesitate to swallow it. They played with each other all the while she texted her number two, and she even invited him over. Guy number one had hurry and do his thing which he did. He shot a serious load right up her back, in her hair and over her head. We can only hope that guy number two has a video to share.