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Description: Leila (44 mins) Leila is a 23 year old woman looking for some excitement in her life. At first I didn't really know what to make of her as she seemed quite shy and I was wondering if she was in the right place. It turns out that she has been a webcam model and was looking for a way to break into the porn industry having sex in front of camera... When I asked her did she have a boyfriend she said yes and that he didn't mind that she wanted to sleep with other men. Apparently her and her boyfriend do swinging where they swap partners with other couples. I thought I'd give Leila a chance to show what she can do so I told her to take her clothes off... Fair play she had a decent body so I went for it... I was so horny that I almost spunked too early on a couple of occasions... But finally I couldn't hold it back any longer and jizzed up her tight pussy.... Another day another creampie!!!