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Description: When it comes to women you could say I'm partial to blondes. In fact I'm a right sucker, fucking love them. This South African bird calls me up asking for an interview for a bit of modelling work. Taylor's her name... sounds like a fucking surname to me... Well, never mind, she turns up on time (which makes a fucking change) and shiver me timbers, she's a fucking darling. Long tanned legs, great tits, slim and pair of crystal blue eyes I could just dive right into. I ask her if she's interested in doing a bit of porno and hey presto she say's that she might be up for that. Thank fuck for that! So I get her to strip for me slowly and sensually. Well, slow being the operative word, I've seen snails cross continents faster than her strip tease. After what seemed like years, I got to the good stuff and hat's off to the girl she really did give a cracking head job. Then I thought, as her strip wasn't tip top I'll get her to lick my khyber pass, which she did and a bloody good rimming she gave too. Anyway, needless to say I banged her rotten in a few of my signature positions and finished off by blasting a hot cum load right up her nose. An accident of course and a first for me, but fucking hilarious. Enjoy.