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Description: Bon jour friends. Its me Sean, your friendly neighborhood XXX PAWN SHOP owner and pornographic movie maker. Today i got one hell of an episode for you guys. So we get a knock at the door, and its the sexy brunette with one strange accent, I though she was one of them Cajun girls from down there in the Bayou, but it turns out she was from France. I never had me some pussy from across the pond so thats when I turned up my charm, cause i wanted her to have a taste of my French Baguette. But first we had to take care of some business. She pulled out a case full of watches, that she basically stole from her ex-boyfriend, you know I heard that story before. She basically needed a ticket back to her homeland and we worked out a deal. The sex was wild, shit got crazy. I definitely need to get some more international pussy here at the XXX PAWN SHOP. Enjoy until next time.