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Hot-tempered brunette Anna is gently rubbing her snatch while man is fucking her

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Description: Well Anna strode out of the changing area re-modelled in a sexy school girl outfit complete with tiny pleated school skirt, white shirt and tie. She also had black tights and sexy panties underneath. When I saw her, my heart skipped a few beats and I had to bang my chest to get it beating again. Yes my brethren I was clinically dead from shock for a few seconds! I must ask you my friends, what would you do if faced with such a sight, looking at you with a look of crazed lust in her eyes? I know what you'd do, you'd do as I did. I grabbed her, stuffed my tongue down her throat, then turned her around , bent her over and tore a huge hole in her tights, ripped her panties in half and plunged my dick into her soaking pussy at which point she let out a guttural groan of pleasure. After that she was insatiable and fucked with the same vigour as a gold prospector might dig after 10 years of digging finds a seam of solid gold! Anna was overcome not with gold fever, but cock fever and yes my brethren I paid the price! A body left racked with pain from being repeatedly pounded and pounded! I am not complaining, but no muscle or bone in my body was left unscathed by this crazed sex beast!