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Description: Lutro (42 mins). Lutro was a strange fella who was quite tricky to get out of his clothes and onto the couch ready for a good fucking. He had all these tricky demands like he didn't want to travel as he just wanted fast money so he could buy his bosses shop that he was selling, and didn't want to miss the sale. Luckily I don't really have any jobs going or I would have kicked him out there and then. I ended up being quite short with him and saying that if he wouldn't let me test him then he could just leave my office. The reality that he needed money kicked in and he removed his trousers. He also took my breath away as he lobbed an absolutely beautiful specimen of a penis, long thick and round it was like a sailors oar falling weightily out of his jeans. I knew I had been right to press my luck then as the thought of that beast filling me up and stretching me out made my pussy trickle with juices. I soon had his talented tongue cleaving between my labia, he had quite a good technique but I couldn't get that penis of his out of my mind, it was so big it should be on everyone's mind to be fair. He soon began to fuck me in missionary and it was all I could do not to faint with pleasure. I wrapped my legs around him and drew him into me as deep as he could go. Then he took me in the spoon position and finally doggy. Wow what a casting, my last orgasm almost brought the roof down on us. His cum shot wasn't the best to be fair but then his aim was quite bad and most of it landed on my nose, but just for the cock alone this was worth every minute invested for me. An amazing casting, it's not often cocks like that walk through the door.