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Duration: 5:00 Views: 20 052 Submitted: 3 years ago
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Description: So I was chillin in the bus with Julius trying to pick up some chicks. It was a pretty hard day to pick up girls but we stopped a not a regular chick, we stooped at pretty hot MILF. He name was Maya Divines, at first she was a little scare with us because she said that she already heard rumors about the famous ban bus going around looking for a fuck. So we decided to meet with her later. I was so fucking bored of working all day so I went to my apartment where I was having a small get together, later that day, Julius came in with the Maya. Yep, that motherfucker scored So Julius ask me for a room and I said yes, with only one condition, that I can film the sex. So check this out, this MILF got some ass!