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Salacious teen latina girlfriend Nina Belle gets a helping hand from her hunk

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 5 139 Submitted: 3 years ago
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Description: We got a live one here ladies and gents. My boy Red Called me up raving about some amazing dark skinned latina chillin on the beach all alone. Good Ol' Red, always looking out for the crackers. We made our way over to her and she seemed cool with us filming her and everything. Her name was Nina. She was an amazing Cuban teen here on vacation. We thought we would be good hosts and show her a good time while she was here but she began showing us a good time. This girl didn't give a fuck. She was flashing us on the beach and getting naked by the public shower. We started talking about sex and told us that she loves when other people watch, which explained a lot. We took this crazy girl back home with us and "yo le querida comer" (Spanish 101. "Yo le querida comer el bollo." I wanted to eat her pussy.) She had the tightest pussy I've ever seen. I seriously couldn't even go that deep in her. It was fucking heaven. Don't miss a minute of this Loca!